What is the cost to convert my logo to stitches?

This is what is referred to as the digitizing fee, aka the set-up fee. Once your logo is converted to stitches, there is no need to pay for this again unless you need a change to your logo. Larger logos may incur additional fees.

Do you charge for a quote?

Our quotes are always free!

Can I provide a shirt, hoodie, pants, stocking, stuffed animal or blanket for you to decorate?

Every project is unique.  Call or email us to confirm, but more than likely, we can.

Are there any additional discounts I should be aware of?

Yes! The 2nd Friday of every month we get free shipping from our supplier. As a result, we can pass along these savings to you, our customer! This is especially helpful for small orders.

Is there a minimum?

No. However, some items may require a minimum for us to purchase but we would make you aware of that during the quote process.

Do you have a store?

No. However, we try to be at the Cumberland Farmer’s Market (11001 E. Washington Street, 46229) on Saturday’s from 8 AM to 12 PM during the warmer months (April to October).